Pure Refined Sunflower oil 5ltr

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  • 100% Pure Goundnut
  • Unrefined
  • chemical free
  • Natural cooking oil
  • 100% pure
  • no essence


Sunflower Oil

Grab your sunshine friend as sunflower oil in our five little airtight bottles perfectly fits in your kitchen for experiencing your favorite dishes with taste and health.


About the product:

The pure essence of Molimor Sunflower Oil is directly squeezed from sunflower seeds through a delicate and meticulous cold-pressing process. This low-temperature method ensures that the oil retains its natural goodness, producing a healthy and nutritious product with a mild and pleasant flavor.

Molimor Sunflower Oil is not just an ordinary cooking oil but a daily essential for maintaining a healthy and energetic life. Packed with essential nutrients, it is a beneficial ingredient in your kitchen, allowing you to create delicious and nourishing meals that fuel your body and support your health.


We care for you and your family:

Brain and Nerve Health

It is an excellent source of vitamin E which helps to minimize oxidative stress and improve cognitive and memory deficits.


Sunflower Oil Helps to Reduce Weight


It, as part of a regular balanced diet, supports weight control due to its omega-6 fatty acids.


Sunflower Oil Promote Healthy Hair

Sunflower seed oil is rich in vitamin E and oleic acid, both beneficial for scalp health and hair growth. Vitamin E nourishes the scalp and moisturizes the skin, while oleic acid reduces hair breakage and promotes faster growth.


Strong immunity

It is your diet partner to Boost immunity by using in regular meal


Sunshine for heart

It has low fat, maintaining cholesterol levels and reducing heart disease risk.


Get the golden essence of culinary excellence with Molimor Sunflower Oil – a cold-pressed oil crafted from sunflower seeds to preserve its nutritious goodness and deliver a mild, exquisite flavor.

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