Pure & Natural Unrefined Groundnut oil 1ltr


Features & Details
  • 100% Pure Goundnut
  • Unrefined
  • chemical free
  • Natural cooking oil
  • 100% pure
  • no essence
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100% Pure Unrefined Groundnut Cooking Oil: The Perfect Choice for Your Kitchen


Experience the goodness of 100% pure quality groundnut cooking oil extracted from fresh, high-quality peanuts. Our groundnut oil, available in a convenient 1-liter bottle, is the ultimate all-purpose cooking oil for your kitchen. It is fresh, full-grained groundnuts in our extraction process, ensuring that our oil retains the natural aroma of the peanuts. Moreover, our groundnut oil is not refined and undergoes natural clarification to preserve its nutrient composition.


Here’s why Molimor Unrefined Groundnut Oil is your ideal cooking companion

Rich in Antioxidants: It is packed with antioxidants such as Phytosterols and Resveratrol, which are known to help lower the risk of heart disease. Including Molimor unrefined groundnut oil in your diet can support your cardiovascular health while enjoying your meals.


Healthier Substitute for Refined Oils

Unlike refined oils that often undergo a hot pressing extraction technique, Molimor Groundnut Cooking Oil is extracted using the cold pressing technique. This method ensures the oil retains its natural fragrance and nutrient composition without adding chemicals. By choosing our oil, you make a healthier choice for yourself and your family.


Unrefined Groundnut oil is packaged in a 1-liter bottle, making it the perfect choice for small families or for taking on outdoor adventures. Rest assured, and our bottles are made with high-quality materials that adhere to government regulations, ensuring your safety and satisfaction.


Make Molimor groundnut oil your kitchen’s best friend. Experience the freshness and purity of our oil as it elevates your food creations to new heights. Indeed exceptional picking up for a healthier and tastier life.


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